Saturday, May 1, 2010

Moringa oleifera

I just found out about this plant and it's perfect for the inland empire.  Moringa is often called the miracle plant because it is highly nutritious and every part of the plant is edible other than the bark.  It grows extremely fast growing several feet per year and will start fruiting in the first year after it is planted from seed.  The reason it is perfect is that it only requires 10 inches of rain per year, loves heat and can grow in poor soils.  I plan to plant 20-30 trees and use them to make mulch as well as food for us and the chickens.  When the soil has improved to the point we can grow other things, I'll thin them out and keep a couple.  

You can read more about this amazing plant, at wikipedia.

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  1. Steve, I'm next door to Redlands. I'm also trying to learn about homesteading, although I just bought a home in a crowded neighborhood. How did you research your land from so far away? I'd like to get some acreage someday to built a strawbale home and live as a subsistence farmer. I'll be following your blog and perhaps we can exchange ideas and information. When are you moving?